Urbana: “Athens: A City for All Ages” Toolkit

Urbana, through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, implemented a program entitled “Athens: A City for All Ages”. Through the program, participants took on the role of researchers and underwent exploratory mapping walks and interactive workshops, in partnership with the Open Protection Center for the Elderly (OPCE) of Kypseli—Kiou Street. An assessment of what elderly persons need in the public urban space was explored and, subsequently, seniors developed proposals themselves with the aim of making Athens a city that is friendly to all age groups. The toolkit uses 4 main indicators of urban quality to evaluate the neighborhood: Safety, Accessibility, Urban Equipment, and Ease of Mobility. It summarizes the main findings of each entity explored and, lastly, proposals are made for improving the urban public space, in order to better serve the Kypseli community’s elderly residents





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