Mission Anthropos: Geriatric Best Practices Guide

Mission Anthropos, through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, implemented a program entitled “Improving the Life of Seniors”. The program had two main axes – on the one hand, an intergenerational recreational program offered to the senior residents of 5 care homes and on the other, a training and educational seminar series targeted to the care home employees. In cooperation with the professors of the “Physiology of Ageing and Geriatric Syndromes” Master’s Program of the Athens Medical School, a Geriatric Best Practices Guide was created. This guide is based on the training lectures and the questions of the care home employees. It includes 4 main chapters: Nutrition & Feeding, Mobility and Falls, Infections and Acute Organic Brain Syndrome (Delirium). A fifth chapter on intergenerational communication was also included and in which the “Improving the Lives of Seniors” is presented.


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