Medical Program for Care Homes

Mission Anthropos implemented, through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, a 12-month health care program for 4 Attica care homes.

More than 110 residents of the care homes participated in the program. It commenced with diagnostic tests to evaluate the condition of the residents’ health. Residents were examined by doctors of various specialties from the Mobile Clinic of Henry Dunant Hospital Center. A report with recommended action -treatment and prevention- was proposed to each resident, which in some cases were further specialized examinations, and even surgeries. Furthermore, the elderly residents received vaccinations for the flu and pneumonococcus. The program succeeded in providing a more in-depth and integrated approach to the residents’ health, subsequently offering a detailed health plan for them to follow. Lastly, as part of this grant, medical equipment was purchased for the care homes based on their needs. This was the first TIMA Charitable Foundation grant where there was a 3-way collaboration between the Foundation, a non-profit organization (Mission Anthropos), and a private hospital.


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