Electronic Library Creation concerning ageing issues

The Hellenic Association of Geriatrics & Gerontology, through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, will be developing an e-library on ageing issues. 

The e-library will consist of a database of Greek and International publications and data drawn from past and current research and reference documents. The e-library will strive to provide useful and accessible information for older people, families and health and social care professionals, acknowledging the human rights of older people to age in dignity, with better health and care. The e-library will cover an extensive range of subjects, including the following: Geriatric Health & Prevention of Illness, Social Welfare & Health Systems and Care, Social Inclusion, Human Rights & Legal Issues, Education of Health Professionals and Caregivers, Active Ageing & Independent Living, Demographic Trends in Greece, Health Costs, Evaluation Tools, and Statistical Data & Links. To date there is no resource whereby an extensive amount of information on ageing in Greece can be easily accessed. The creation of the e-library will serve as a common basis for both citizens and professionals to gain relevant information, useful in practice and research.


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