New Program Creation: Guided Visit Program for Seniors at the Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum has created, through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, a guided visit program for seniors at the Museum. 

Through this initiative, the Museum provides an opportunity for Open Protection Centers for the Elderly (OPCEs) to tour the Main Building’s permanent collections for free. The program begins in January 2017 and during the course of its duration, seniors from the municipalities of Peristeri, Aigaleo, and Ilion, among others, will have the chance to discover aspects of Greek culture and civilization from prehistory until today. More specifically, each participating OPCE will select a guided visit for its members to one of the Museum’s following five permanent collections: Prehistoric, Ancient Greek and Roman Art, Byzantine Art, Post-Byzantine and Neo-Hellenic Art, Historic Heirlooms, Paintings, Drawings and Prints. All visits will be guided by Museum curators. The Benaki Museum also offers participants free transportation to and from and to their OPCE, in addition to the guided visits.


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