Program Results Announcement: “Points of Support”

Three public benefit foundations collaborate for the support of 17 non-profit organizations.

17 organizations will receive funding through the program “Points of Support”, an initiative designed by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, TIMA Charitable Foundation and Hellenic Hope. The open call was published on June 2015 and 133 proposals were received. Main goal of the program is the strengthening of independent nonprofit organizations for the further development and upgrade of the services they provide in vulnerable groups of Greece that face illness, abuse, hunger or deprivation as well as any kind of disability.

For the dispersion of funding to as many issue areas the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation will fund 8 organizations active in the field of social inclusion and integration as well as direct access to health services, the TIMA Charitable Foundation will fund 6 organizations that focus on providing services to elderly and Hellenic Hope will fund 3 organizations involved in the protection of children affected by the economic crisis. Through the program a total of € 85.000 will be allocated, aiming to become the seed to each organization in order to implement small-scale projects that will multiply its effectiveness.

Dimitris Afendoulis, Secretary to the Executive Board of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation mentioned: “It is particularly important for three charitable foundations to co-design and co-finance a new program aiming to support worthwhile, established and newly-founded civil society organizations; so that they can relieve in innovative and useful ways our fellow citizens who experience in the cruelest way the current crisis. Through this program, we form a chain of solidarity in which we hope to continually add new links of offer and support.”

The 3 public benefit foundations will monitor the progress of the projects and the publication of the final results.

See the detailed list of the funded organizations here (in Greek)