Program Expansion: “Safe at Home” – PRAKSIS

Through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, the “Safe at Home” Program will be continued for another cycle.

The program aims at prolonging the safe and secure independent living of elders in their home.

The program is implemented through the provision of three types of services:

1. Safety: equipment and works that avoid accidents and render the life at home more functional.
2. Security: equipment and works that protect the home from break-ins.
3. General improvement: equipment and works that improve the conditions of life within the home.

Elderly residents in need of the Municipalities of Athens, Korydallos, Nikaia, Menidi, Agios Dimitrios, Moschato, Megara and Perama have been selected for the second phase of the program. During the six months of this phase, the beneficiaries will number at least 50. An estimated 50 elderly recipients will benefit from the expansion of the “Safe at Home” Program.


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