Program expansion: Butterfly Bone Health Society

Through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation for medical equipment and a vehicle, Butterfly Bone Health Society was able expand the programs and services that it offers.

The addition of equipment measuring bone density allowed Butterfly Bone Health Society to offer twice as many osteoporosis exams and consultations by doctors to seniors across the country. Furthermore, after acquiring the musculoskeletal ultrasound equipment, a new program was designed with the goal of determining pain in the musculoskeletal system that is caused by various diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatism, among others. After acquiring the equipment, Butterfly Bone Health Society carried out a series of events at Open Protection Centers for the Elderly, during which preventive check-ups, using the new equipment, were offered for free to seniors. With the addition of the vehicle, transport of the specialized equipment and of the team throughout Greece is now possible, thus satisfying requests from various regions across the country.

Since September 2015, approximately 3,250 persons were examined using the new equipment, while through informational events and printed materials, more than double that number of beneficiaries was reached. For 2016, it is estimated that more than 8,000 persons will be examined and, through the informational events and printed materials at least double that number will be served.

Butterfly Bone Health Society now offers a full range of services, from information regarding prevention, examinations and treatment for the majority of skeletal health conditions with the acquisition of the new equipment and the vehicle.


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