People Behind create the documentary, “A Hug for the Third e-age”.

In the documentary “A Hug for the Third e-age”, Urania, Penelope, Tasos, Xanthippe, Angeliki and Thodoris, residents of Athens and Patra, all over 65 years old, talk with honesty and humour about how they came (or didn’t come) into contact with computers, and the way the digitisation of the State and services has changed their lives.

Representatives from 6 organisations working with older people discuss the role that the State must play to ensure that 65+ people participate equally in the digital world, so that no human rights are infringed in the course of our technological development. In 9 years from now it is estimated that more than 1/3 of the population in Greece will be over 60 years old.

It is time to embrace older people and work together for an equal world that includes everyone, leaving no one behind.

A documentary about the right of equal access and the participation of older people in the digital world.

Produced by People Behind, in the framework of the project “A Hug for the Third e-age”*

Directed by: Xenia Tsilochristou

Participants include representatives from the organizations People Behind, InterMediaKT, IASIS AMKE, Public Benefit Association for the Relief and Care of the Elderly and People with Disabilities-FRONIZO, 50 Plus Hellas, and the Union of Consumer Workers of Greece.

*The project “A Hug for the Third e-age” is implemented within the framework of the Active citizens fund programme, with InterMediaKT acting as the implementation agency and the non-profit organization People Behind as a partner.