Nosilia: “Honoring Ageing” Program

Nosilia created, through a grant from the TIMA Charitable Foundation, the “Honoring Ageing”program that provides care-at-home support for chronically ill elderly and their caregivers.

The program is aimed at improving the lives of elderly patients as well as supporting their families and caregivers. The recipients of the program’s services have various health issues such as dementia, cardiological diseases, cancer, and neurological & degenerative diseases. The care at home services that are provided to elderly patients include: medical/nursing support, psychosocial support, and physiotherapy. Training is also provided to caregivers so that they can care for the elderly patients in the best way. In addition, telephone counselling is provided via Nosilia’s social workers and other staff, in order to provide support and guidance as well as information regarding existing social benefits. Lastly, the care at home service investigates the individualized needs of the elderly patients and makes sure that they receive free equipment that is available in the social warehouse of Nosilia. Some of these include: hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, pharmaceuticals, and other health-related materials and equipment.

The “Honoring Ageing” program offers a holistic approach to care at home for seniors and their carers.


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