New Program creation: “Message for Life” – Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World - Greek Delegation has created, through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, a healthcare and food aid program for elderly individuals in need, titled "Message for Life".

The program’s implementation is based on four pillars:

1. Healthcare and medication: the provision of specialized healthcare and
pharmaceutical treatment to elders at the Doctors of the World Open
Polyclinics in Athens and in Perama.
2. Vaccinations: the provision of vaccines against the seasonal flu to 400
3. Home visits: the offering of healthcare services at home for at least 100
elders with mobility difficulties.
4. Food packages: the supply of food packages to at least 100 elders each month.

The “Message for Life” program was created in response to the socioeconomic crisis and its negative effects on senior citizens in Greece. Pensioners and people over the age of 65 are particularly vulnerable to the widespread poverty currently impacting 20% of the Greek population. Increasingly, senior citizens are finding it impossible to meet their primary needs, such as health and living expenses.


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