New Program creation: “Andama” – Sinthesis Media Company

Sinthesis Media Company has created, through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, a recreational program for elders, entitled "Andama".

Andama (“to come together” in Greek) provides an experience whereby young artists interact with elders. The program involves an interactive and participatory experience for elders in nonprofit care homes and other organizations. It aims not only at entertaining but also at providing mental strengthening to its participants. The program has been designed with the collaboration of a best practice abroad as well as with local gerontologists.

The “Andama” program was created in response to the eradication of recreational activities in nonprofit organizations due to their decreasing budgets. The lack of such activities contributes to the elders’ isolation and, in many cases, depression. In cases where elders are not exposed to mental strengthening exercises, the lack of such activities can also lead to the decrease of their mental activity.


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