Mobile Application for Dementia

SciFy developed, through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, a mobile application for dementia entitled “Dianoia”. 

The educational application is available for free download and use on android and apple devices. Τhe application is directed to caregivers of persons with dementia as well as health professionals in order to assist persons afflicted with the disease. This application has been designed as a non-pharmaceutical intervention as it provides cognitive strengthening exercises for persons suffering from dementia. It offers to caregivers suggestions for activities that they can do with dementia patients for physical and mental exercising. The exercises are available in 2 levels in or-der to be tailored to the needs of the person with dementia and are in printable form so that they can be utilized at home with pencil and paper. The specialized educational con-tent is based on work by the Athens Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders. The creation of this application is especially significant given that it is estimat-ed that about 200,000 persons in Greece suffer from dementia and this number is con-tinuously rising at an alarming rate. The application was downloaded over 700 times dur-ing the first week that it was launched.
More information and download links can be found on the SciFy website using this link:
SciFY is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2012 whose mission is to develop cutting-edge information technology systems in order to solve real-life problems and to offer them for free to the public.


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