Frodizo: Web Guide for Caregivers

The Web Guide for Caregivers is a digital platform that was developed with the support of Frodizo. It offers the possibility of training by specialized professionals to caregivers of persons with dementia through free audiovisual material and useful information. Moreover, a variety of units with subjects such as mental strengthening, and physical exercises are provided. The information is delivered in an easy-to-understand way so that each caregiver can follow them from his/her home.

The purpose of the platform is the improvement of psychological and physical health of both the caregivers and the individuals with dementia that they care for. Caring for a person with dementia at home is a very demanding and time-consuming job that often remains unrecognized; caregivers often take on this role without help or specialized knowledge and are burdened both financially and psychologically. Through the tools and know-how that caregivers will acquire as a result of this platform, they will be equipped with resources to better face their work, while maintaining their own psychological resilience.


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