Announcement of results of the fifth round of the “Points of Support” program in support of 30 projects run by Civil Society organizations

30 projects have been selected to receive grants under the fifth round of the “Points of Support” program for 2022/2023. The Program is a joint initiative by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, the TIMA Charitable Foundation, the Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation, the A. G. Leventis Foundation, the A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, the Costas M. Lemos Foundation, and the Social and Cultural Affairs Welfare Foundation (KIKPE). The current round of the program is coordinated by the Bodossaki Foundation. The aims of the program are, on the one hand, provision of support for small-scale original projects with the highest possible social impact and, on the other hand, reinforcement and capacity building for Greek civil society organizations, with priority given to those of small and medium size, as a means of bolstering the development and effectiveness of their work.

The 30 selected projects, out of a total of 217 applications, will be granted an amount of up to €5,000 each and will be implemented by 45 organizations, 15 out of which will participate in the projects as partner organizations. The projects have a duration of up to 6 months and fall under one of the following issue areas: “Social Integration of People With Disabilities”, “Support for the Elderly”, “Support for Children”: a. “Children and the Environment”, b. “Children and Health”, c.” “Child Protection”, and “Support for Actions for Environmental Protection”: a. “Protection of aquatic and coastal ecosystems”, b. “Protection of woodland and other terrestrial ecosystems”. In addition, the selected organizations will also take part in free capacity building activities, which will be funded and implemented by the Bodossaki Foundation, through Social Dynamo, an initiative of the Bodossaki Foundation, aimed at strengthening civil society organizations and groups, with a focus on learning, professional support and networking.

The full list of the organizations selected to receive grants follows below, by program area, as defined by the Program’s respective donors:

Ι. “Social Integration of People with Disabilities” (Donor: John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation)

  1. ΑΜΑΚΑ ( – Support for increased accessibility to cultural organizations for People with Disabilities, and for their participation in artistic creation as a means of self-advocacy
  2.  “I Ypomoni” Parents’ and Guardians’ Association of People with Disabilities of the Municipality of Messinia ( – An initiative to teach food preservation through canning and dehydration, aimed at the social integration of People with Disabilities
  3. THE BEE CAMP AMKE ( – Environmental education for children with vision impairments, in collaboration with Off Stream – Innovation and Accessibility in Culture
  4. O Sporos NGO ( – Creation of accessible routes for all forms of disability through the internet and 3D printing in Kalamata, in collaboration with DIAFOROZO Sports’ Association for People with Disabilities
  5. ALL – Accessible Limitless Living ( – Implementation of educational actions for the promotion of accessible tourism in organizations involved in the provision of tourist services
  6. KISSAMOS SOCIAL SPOT ( – Creation of a “therapy” farm, designed upon the principles of regenerative agriculture, with the aim of employing People with Disabilities, in collaboration with Little School of the Earth
  7.  Include Interdisciplinary Network of Special & Intercultural Education ( – Design and implementation of a self-awareness and self-regulation program for Persons with Disabilities through therapeutic breathing practices, in collaboration with “SYZOI” PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION OF PEOPLE WITH VISION DISORDERS & ADDITIONAL DISABILITIES
  8. Cosmus DIY ( – Installation of three stations providing digital access to information with location tracking capacities, without energy expenditure, for people with visual impairments

ΙΙ. “Support for the Elderly” (Donor: TIMA Charitable Foundation)

  1. COHESION NETWORK 2GETHER ( – Creation of a global electronic platform matching supply and demand for new or slightly used healthcare equipment for the elderly, in collaboration with SECOL
  2. URBANA AMKE ( – Development of a methodology for recording the experiences and needs of the elderly in urban public spaces, through the implementation of exploratory mapping walks
  3. STARTAGERS Social Cooperative Enterprise ( – Environmental education for middle age and elderly citizens, and creation of podcasts, in collaboration with MEDASSET Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles
  4. CINEMATHESIS ( – Transgenerational project for the interaction of the elderly and adolescents through the Fine Arts
  5. PhonoQuest Quintae ( – Implementation of a Somatic-psychoeducation education program for the elderly, in collaboration with the Municipality of Korydallos

ΙΙΙ. “Support for Vulnerable Groups” (Donor: Social and Cultural Affairs Welfare Foundation (KIKPE)

  1. Eyes of Light ( – Creation and publication of a comic book, using therapeutic storytelling, for women cancer patients, in collaboration with K.E.F.I. of Athens
  2. “CALEIDOSCOPEPIRUS” SOCIAL COOPERATIVE COLECTIVE AND SOCIAL BENEFIT ENTERPRISE ( – Implementation of experiential gardening workshops for Primary school children and persons in recovery from psychomotor disorders or with mental disabilities, taught by elderly citizens
  3. IMMORTALITING ( – Running a mobile personal hygiene unit providing clothing and reintegration services to the homeless
  4. VRES FTERA NGO ( – Education for children living in semi-autonomous care homes and child protection institutions, on issues of coming-of-age
  5. Afigimata – “Adrachti” non-profit – Provision of experiential storytelling and illustration workshops for persons with mental health conditions
  1. “Support for Children”:
  2. “Children and the Environment” (Donor: A.G. Leventis Foundation)
  1. Mamagea ( – Experiential waste management and environmental resilience workshops for students
  2. Athens Makerspace ( – Awareness-raising for children on issues of environmental pollution, and education on collection, sorting and reuse
  1. “Children and Health” (Donor: Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation)
  1. “Sxedia stin Poli” Art Education Group ( – Reinforcing and supporting the resilience of early primary school age children (6-8 years old)
  2. Triteknoi Karditsas ( – Education for parents and children on issues of healthy eating through experiential workshops
  3. ATREIDON KYKLOS ( – Reinforcement of children on issues of physical health through Art, and publication of a relevant book, in collaboration with the Association of Multi-children Parents of Argos and Surrounding Areas
  1. Support for Actions for Environmental Protection”:
  2. Protection of aquatic and coastal ecosystems” (Donor: A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation)
  1. NISYRIO ( – Practical revival of a marine natural reserve in Nisyros and creation of an artificial reef, with the aim of enhancing marine biodiversity
  2. SoSciety ( Organization of a nationwide study on coastal microplastics with citizen participation, in collaboration with the Ecological Movement of Patras (OIKIPA)
  3. ΟΖΟΝ NGO ( – Recording the problem of pollution by fish farms, and assessment of the main substances that pollute the shores, in collaboration with the Association of Forest Protection Volunteers of the Municipal Community of Galataki 
  1. Protection of woodland and other terrestrial ecosystems (Donor: Costas M. Lemos Foundation)
  1. The Mitato of Amorgos ( – Restoration of a water reservoir at a spring in Amorgos for the use of local producers, and awareness-raising in the local community, in collaboration with Amorgos Island – Society for Environment and Culture
  2. gro2be ΑΜΚΕ ( – Rental of cultivable land by amateur farmers and education on issues of agriculture, in collaboration with the “Exagono” Youth and Volunteering Center of the Municipality of Komotini
  3. Association of Forest Protection Volunteers of the Municipal Community of Galataki – Identification and recording of waste disposal spots in the creeks of eastern Corinthia, and awareness-raising on the problem of pollution, in collaboration with ΟΖΟΝ NGO
  4. Hellenic Ecotourism Society ( Restoration of the mountain trails on Mt. Taygetus in Western Mani, and promoting them as an ecotourism activity, in collaboration with the Mani Environmental Cultural Society (PERIPOLO)