Points of Support III: Project Videos

The TIMA Charitable Foundation awarded grants to 8 organizations as part of the third cycle of the Points of Support program, for the “Support of the Elderly” thematic category.

Please find below the list of organizations with their respective videos:
For more information regarding each grant, please visit the relevant linked grant page.

1. Seveneleven ( – Publication of a book on elderly recreational programs

2. Nina Service Dogs ( – Organization of visits by certified service-assistance dogs to institutions for the elderly

3. Margarita Vocational Training Center ( – Mapping of organizations and best practices for the elderly mentally disabled, in collaboration with the Association of Parents of Mentally Disabled Individuals

4. Sossideio Care Home of Veroia – Implementation of an occupational therapy – mental strengthening program, in collaboration with the Open Protection Center for the Elderly of the Municipality of Veroia

5. Niroi ( – Implementation of an educational program on the art of photography for seniors, in collaboration with the volunteer group Pensioners in Action

6. Women On Top ( – Creation of a mentoring program by retired women to young women

7. Organization Earth ( – Organization of urban agricultural – gardening workshops for seniors

8. Friends’ Society of the Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease – Design of scientific protocols of physical exercise for the prevention of dementia, in collaboration with the Panhellenic Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases