New Program Creation: Medical Program

Mission Anthropos created, through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, a pilot health care program offered to 4 care homes for one year.

Each patient will receive diagnostic tests in order to evaluate the condition of their health. Patients will be examined by various specialties through the Mobile Clinic of Henry Dunant Hospital Center. Subsequently, a report with recommended action – treatment and prevention – will be proposed to each resident. The 4 care homes served by the program are the following: Nea Filadelfeia Kalos Samareitis Care Home (32 participants), Nea Ionia Panagia Eleousa Care Home (36 participants), Welfare Charitable Association of Moschato Merimna (21 participants), and the Meropion Charity Foundation (23 participants). The program will aim at providing a more indepth and integrated approach to the residents’ health.


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