New Program creation: "Safe at Home" - PRAKSIS

PRAKSIS has created, through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, a program aimed at prolonging the safe and secure independent living of elders in their home. This program, titled "Safe at Home", is implemented through the provision of three types of services/goods:

1.   Safety: equipment and works that avoid accidents and render the life at home more functional.
2.   Security: equipment and works that protect the home from break-ins.
3.   General improvement: equipment and works that improve the conditions of life within the home.

The Program will target at least 25 elders in need who live alone in 4 municipalities (Athens, Korydallos, Markopoulo and Agios Dimitrios). Besides the fact that they live alone, the choice of the beneficiaries will be made based on socioeconomic criteria, medical conditions and the lack of relatives. Praksis will add to the program various services and products that include legal advice, financial advisory, networking and referrals. One of PRAKSIS’ goals through this program is the creation of relationships in local neighborhoods that will act as a support mechanism/"buddy system" for elders.

The "Safe at Home" program was created as a response to the rising number of break-ins in the homes of elders that became apparent with the beginning of the crisis. Another consequence of the socioeconomic crisis that the Program aims to reverse is the elders’ inability to cover safety related improvements that would prolong their stay at home and avoid institutionalization.

For more information regarding the "Safe at Home" program and the grant: