New Program creation: Frodizo

Through a grant of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, Frodizo has created a "Care at Home" pilot program for dementia patients residing in Patras. The Program involves the creation of a three member team namely a social worker, a psychologist and a physical education expert who will offer services to stage one and two dementia patients as well as to their caregivers. The specific aid offered by this Care at Home pilot program is mental and physical strengthening to the dementia patients. Another aspect of this program is the psychological support offered to both the dementia patient as well as the caregiver.

This program was created in response to the lack of services offered to dementia patients in the town of Patras. The Program’s goal is to prolong the presence of dementia patients in their home, thus avoiding institutionalization. During the 6 months of the pilot phase, the number of beneficiaries will be approximately 20.

For more information regarding the "Care at Home" program and the grant: