YEAR: 2015





Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Laboratory of Medical Physics

The Laboratory of Medical Physics was founded within the Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1964. It was the first medical physics laboratory in the Greek higher education system. The mission of the Laboratory is to excel in training and multi-disciplinary research in a setting that fosters creativity and synergy. The Laboratory of Medical Physics is comprised of 9 research groups that pursue innovative projects. One of the Laboratory’s research groups focusses on Active and Healthy Aging and technologies for Assisted Living. It participates in the European Initiative on Active and Healthy Aging as well as its Greek localized network activities. The Laboratory studies shifting patterns in elderly healthcare. It researches care for developmental disorders and the different innovations brought about by information, mobile and web technologies. The Laboratory of Medical Physics has developed a European research program aimed at the improvement of the mental health of elderly individuals through cognitive strengthening and physical activity. This research program developed a software program entitled Long Lasting Memories Care.


The grant regards the improvement of the Long Lasting Memories Care software and its application to two nonprofit elderly related organizations. The improvement will enable Long Lasting Memories Care to run on new technology hardware as well as to expand some of its features. The testing will be realized through the creation of a “Living Lab”, a simulation space, in the Chariseio Care Home in Thessaloniki. After the new improved and updated version of Long Lasting Memories Care software is tested, it will be offered, for free, to two nonprofit elderly organizations. The approximately 100 elderly beneficiaries will be able to receive free mental strengthening and physical activity, ultimately leading to improvement of their mental health through the use of the software.

YEAR: 2015

LOCATION OF GRANT:  Thessaloniki