YEAR: 2015


Social Welfare




Nosilia was founded in 2001 by doctors and nurses of the Pammakaristos public hospital with the aim to offer nursing at home for chronic illness patients with mobility difficulties as well as bedridden patients. The organization strives to place the patient in an environment that is more familiar compared to that of a hospital bed; it also aims to support the patient’s caregiver. Nosilia’s programs include a social medical clinic and pharmacy, support to lonely patients, as well as the lending of orthopedic supplies. Apart from its paid staff, Nosilia’s 30 volunteers are doctors and nurses at the Pammakaristos hospital who are involved with the organization in their spare time. Nosilia is the only organization that offers free nursing at home throughout Athens. Approximately 90% of the chronically ill patients who are bedridden or have mobility difficulties and who receive nursing at home on a yearly basis, are elders.

Operating Support

The grant regards the support of the nursing at home program through the provision of nursing and administrative assistance. The specific support will allow the organization to increase the number of beneficiaries and expand its activities. The grant also includes training and capacity building activities.

YEAR: 2015

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare