YEAR: 2012


Social Welfare



Apostoli - Karelleio Center for Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases

The Holy Archdiocese of Athens created Apostoli in 2010 with the aim to offer support to those in need and to aid in the improvement of their living conditions. Currently it is involved with programs in the fields of social welfare, health, culture, environment and new technologies in Greece and abroad. Apostoli is also responsible for operating 11 centers around Greece including the Karelleio Center for Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases. Operating since the end of 2011, the Karelleio Center is the only care home in Greece that provides shelter and care exclusively to Alzheimer’s patients. The 3-storey building accommodates, on a long term basis, 25 senior citizens including 6 bedridden. Furthermore, the Center can offer temporary accommodation to 5 additional elders. In addition to the care home, Karelleio Center runs a day care center for Alzheimer’s patients with a capacity of 200. Some of the services offered to both the care home and day care center are physiotherapy, medical assistance and recreational activities.


The grant regards the provision of specialized beds for bedridden patients, wheelchairs and handrails.

YEAR: 2012

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare