GIVMED was founded in 2016 by Athens Polytechnic graduates who had experienced how difficult it was to find medicine when it was needed. GIVMED has a dual purpose: to connect leftover medicine with nonprofit organizations that need it as well as to inform and educate the public regarding wasted medicine. Every year in Greece, at least 34 million boxes of medicine expire and are thrown away. GIVMED has created a website & smartphone application through which users can record their medicine and are informed about the nonprofit organizations that need it. A user has the option of choosing which nonprofit organization can receive the medicine that he/she wishes to donate. Since 2016, GivMed has provided over 35,000 boxes of medicine, valued at almost €340,000, through a network of 150 organizations that include nonprofit organizations, geriatric units, and social pharmacies.

We Honor. We Support. We Reinforce. Medicine Donation Program for Geriatric Units

The grant regards the continuation of the support of the medicine donation Program “We Honor. We Support. We Reinforce” that entails the provision of medication to 25 care homes/geriatric units throughout Greece for 15 months. More specifically, GIVMED will build on the previous 15-month grant which was implemented in 15 geriatric units in Attica. These units received 5,600 boxes of medicine of total value of almost €50,000, which covered a quarter of their pharmaceutical needs. The needs of the geriatric units were recorded through an online system for the exchange and donation of medicine. For this grant, the software will be improved and further developed, in order to include important statistical data. Care homes and geriatric units will be added to the Program from cities throughout Greece such as Thessaloniki, Patra, and Irakleio. The staff of the units will be trained on the software usage to be able to receive and donate pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the Program will aim to inform local communities on the importance of pharmaceutical waste and medicine donation