YEAR: 2019


Health Care



Athens Naval Hospital

The Athens Naval Hospital began operating in 1955 and is the biggest naval hospital in Greece. It has 234 beds and approximately 1000 medical, nursing and administrative personnel. On a yearly basis, about 17,000 patients are treated in the hospital, 90% of whom are members of the Hellenic Navy, Coast Guard, and their relatives. Within the Cardiology Department, the Heart Attack Unit serves approximately 450 patients. About 70% of those patients are above 65 years of age.

Electronic Software

The grant regards the upgrade of the information system of the Heart Attack Unit and the installation of electronic software that will convert the Unit into being paper-free as all medical information will be provided electronically. The software will be installed on all computers, monitors, and other medical equipment of the Unit and in real-time will be able to receive and record information such as a patient’s medical condition and related metrics. The software will allow for complete customization to meet each doctor’s/patient’s needs and will facilitate the recording of medical instructions and metrics thus offering improved medical care to all the patients of the Unit.

YEAR: 2019

PROGRAM AREA:  Health Care