Emfasis Non Profit

Emfasis Non Profit is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2013 and aims to inform, relieve, and strengthen vulnerable persons who are homeless, of low-income, and unemployed. The organization is active through streetwork programs, mobile support units for vulnerable groups, as well as through a social and family support center. Up until 2018, Emfasis had implemented 15 programs assisting its target groups. The organization has offered more than 130,000 volunteer hours, has more than 3,000 yearly beneficiary requests for assistance, and has more than 250 persons who receive support from the organization on a permanent basis.

“We don’t ignore the elderly, we support them” Program

The grant regards the expansion of the program, “We don't ignore the Elderly, we support them" that had received funding from “Points of Support” in 2016. The 12-month program aims to meet the needs of approximately 35 senior citizens who live on the streets of the greater area of Piraeus. The program entails the psychosocial support of the senior elderly citizens, as well as the legal-accounting advisory of any pending matters they may be holding them back from moving forward with their lives. Additionally, the beneficiaries will be aided in dealing with legal and accounting issues so that they can receive social welfare benefits. The continuous psychological strengthening of the elderly persons who live on the street, the reduction of the sense of abandonment and isolation from society and enhancement of their self-respect are all additional goals of the program.