YEAR: 2018


Social Welfare



Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece

The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece was founded in 1946 with the aim to support the visually impaired as well as to promote public awareness regarding blindness. It offers continuous education and professional development to the blind so as to contribute to their social and professional integration. The Lighthouse includes production units that offer employment to visually impaired individuals and produce metal products, cleaning products and linen. Some of its additional goals are the attainment of their independence, the decrease of the everyday difficulties they are faced with and the provision of social services. Amongst the plethora of services and activities offered by The Lighthouse, are: a) Social Service; b) Tactile Museum; c) Braille Lending Library; d) Braille Learning Center; e) Audio Books Recording Studios & Lending Library; f) Gymnasium; g) Computer Learning Center; h) Ceramics, Pottery, Macrame workshops, and many more. The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece assists 2,500 visually impaired individuals, 50% of which are elders on a yearly basis.

Program for the Healthy & Active Ageing of the Blind

The grant regards the development of a program for the promotion of healthy and active ageing of blind persons, focusing on those who have recently lost their eyesight. The program has 3 main pillars: 1) home visits by a health assistant for the provision of health services; 2) psychological counselling services, in the form of individual, family, and group counselling, as well as workshops on various issues related to health promotion; 3) transport and accompaniment of blind persons to health services, public services, and to cultural and recreational activities. Furthermore, Lighthouse for the Blind has established a medical check-up program in collaboration with the Public Medical Center of Kallithea since 2015. One day a week, the blind can undergo free blood, cardiological, and radiological exams. In cooperation with the social worker, newly blinded that need to undergo these exams will be integrated in the program. The direct beneficiaries are the at least 100 socially isolated newly blinded persons who will participate in the program, 85% of who are seniors.

YEAR: 2018

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare