YEAR: 2018


Social Welfare



Organization Earth

Organization Earth was founded in 2010. Its mission is the development of environmental & social intelligence by providing experiential, non-formal education for sustainable development for all ages by introducing key sustainability issues into everyday life, primarily through learning activities. Its activities include: environmental learning programs, programs for the support & protection of the environment, and programs of social inclusion for vulnerable persons & groups. Organization Earth also manages "The Center of the Earth" on a 25,000m2 Park which acts as a center of environmental education by welcoming children and adults, on a daily basis, in order to offer sustainable development training.

Urban Agriculture-Gardening Workshops for Seniors

The grant regards a program for urban agricultural-gardening workshops for seniors. Workshops will include theory and practice in the urban, organic vegetable garden at the exemplary educational-environmental park of the organization. The goal of the program is to help seniors reintegrate as active members of a sustainable community as well as improving their psychological health through their exposure to nature.

This grant is implemented through the Points of Support program:

YEAR: 2018

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare