YEAR: 2018


Social Welfare



Keletron Love for the Child

Keletron Love for the Child is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2014, with the mission to protect the rights of children residing in the wider area of Kastoria. Given the deepening effects of the socioeconomic crisis, it became apparent, early in Keletron’s operation, that in order to fulfil its mission, it needed to direct various services and goods to residents in need. Keletron’s main programs are: a. a social store that offers, on a monthly basis, food supplies and hygiene products to 75 beneficiary families; b. psychosocial support to 215 children, adolescents and parents since 2014; c. school educational programs aimed at the promotion of health; and d. a tutoring after school program for 25 children. In 2016, Keletron created a day center for 25 children offering meals, tutoring and creative activities.

“Care for the Elderly” Program

The grant regards the regards the creation of a multifaceted support program for elderly residents in need of Kastoria. More specifically, the program will offer: a. psychosocial support to approximately 220 people; b. monthly food supplies and hygiene products to 50 people, c. informational speeches on health and general wellbeing issues such as safety and security at home to approximately 250 beneficiaries; and d. recreational activities such as the use of computers, traditional dances and meals to about 150 elderly. The 50 elderly beneficiaries of the monthly food supplies and hygiene products are currently the recipients of the Municipality’s care at home program offered to vulnerable individuals who lack a family surrounding and are usually homebound. Additionally, 20 volunteers will be involved with the implementation of the program. The direct beneficiaries are 500 elderly residents of the wider area of Kastoria.

YEAR: 2018

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare