YEAR: 2014


Social Welfare



Philanthropic Foundations of Andrea and Maria Kalokairinou - Heraklion Care Home

The Heraklion Care Home of the Philanthropic Foundations of Andrea and Maria Kalokairinou was founded in 1956 under the name Poorhouse of Heraklion with the aim to provide nursing and care to indigent Cretans. It can accommodate up to 122 elders but is currently occupied by 100 elders. The current occupancy is a reflection of the transition period that the Heraklion Care Home is undergoing. A new building is under construction, as well as the renovation of the old one which will be completed in 2016. The new structure will accommodate 118 elders.

The Heraklion Care Home also operates an innovative program targeting bedridden elders. This program, titled "Solidarity Team", aims at the improvement of the psychological condition of bedridden residents through the provision of support, companionship and entertainment. The program is supervised by the Care Home’s social worker and is comprised of volunteer autonomous elders. As a group, they visit the bedridden residents on a weekly basis, in order to keep them company, share stories, discuss the news, sing and offer words of support.

Program Support, Medical Supplies, Equipment & Heating

The grant regards the enrichment of the "Solidarity Team" program as well as the provision of medical supplies, equipment and heating for the Care Home. More specifically, through this grant the "Solidarity Team" program was able to increase the frequency of its services provision from weekly to daily. The new services include an increased provision of psychological support and the participation in a variety of recreational activities. Through the purchase of specialized equipment for this program, physiotherapy treatment was made possible; also, moving bedridden elders, in order to participate in various daily activities of the Care Home, previously not possible, were made feasible. A senses stimulation space was also created for the holistic treatment of bedridden patients.

The need for medical supplies includes medication as well as consumables that the elders’ public insurance plans do not cover. The equipment, mainly kitchen appliances and office equipment, enhances the quality of the Care Home’s daily operation. Heating is also provided to the old building in view of the completion of the new energy efficient one.

YEAR: 2014

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare