YEAR: 2017


Social Welfare



Support Center of Elefsina 

Support Center of Elefsina was founded, under a different name, in 1964 by the Head Priest of Elefsina and Professor of Theology Giorgos Pyrounakis with the aim to provide socio-psychological support to the children of Elefsina and their families. As societal needs increased through the years, the Support Center expanded its activities so as to support families in the wider area of the Thriasian Plain. The Thriasian Plain is an industrial area located in western Attica characterized as one of the most vulnerable of the prefecture. Throughout the years the Center has supported 10,000 children and their families. During the 2016 – 2017 school year it supported 170 children, 320 adults (below the age of 64) and 15 seniors. The Support Center provides: socio-psychological support including counseling with a social worker; educational activities such as language and computer training; creative, artistic and athletic pursuits, a hot meal program, food packages and summer camps. The Support Center of Elefsina collaborates closely with the Municipalities’ social services and it has contributed to the decrease of juvenile delinquency and school drop-out in the Thriasian Plain area.

Creation of a Food Provision and Socio-Psychological Support Program

The grant regards the creation of a program for Thriasian Plain elderly residents in need offering: monthly packages with food supplies and necessities, hot meals for non-autonomous elders as well as socio-psychological support. The program will cover food supplies, social work, hot meal distribution and coordination as well as other operating expenses for 12 months. The beneficiaries are 45 elderly residents of the Thriasian Plain.

YEAR: 2017

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare