YEAR: 2017-08-17


Social Welfare



Sossideio Care Home of Veroia 

The Sossideio Care Home of Veroia was established in 1957 through the bequest of Vasiliki Sossidou and, with the initiative of philanthropic ladies of Veroia, commenced its operations in 1958. It was originally housed in the villa that was donated by Vasiliki Sossidou. In 1971 the new building was constructed with government funds, and with the contribution of residents of Imathia Prefecture as well as the Church. The Care Home is one of two nonprofit care homes in the prefecture of Imathia. The Care Home currently hosts 41 residents out of which 26 are bedridden.


The grant regards the purchase of equipment and the provision of heating for the Care Home. More specifically, the equipment consists of machine-controlled air mattresses, bath wheelchairs, a large professional dryer, and other functional equipment for the Care Home. The provision of equipment is important given that the existing equipment of the same kind is old and not functioning well. Heating is also a crucial and expensive cost for a Care Home in Northern Greece, so the grant will aid in lowering the operational expenses of the Care Home.

YEAR: 2017-08-17

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare