Emfasis Foundation

Emfasis Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing solutions to vulnerable and socially excluded persons that live on the streets or are dealing with serious survival problems. These persons include amongst others, the homeless, indigent, working children, youth in disadvantaged areas and under the poverty line. Through the organization’s street workers and mobile support units, Emfasis has a daily presence in the neighborhoods of Athens and Piraeus. Its volunteer teams provide humanitarian and welfare support. From 2013 to 2016, Emfasis’ staff and volunteers dedicated over 91,000 hours to street work. Emfasis also operates a Social support corner once a week in collaboration with Syn Athina in the center of Athens where homeless and poor families can visit for legal, medical, and social welfare support. In addition, Emfasis also provides free medical exams to uninsured persons.

"We don't ignore the Elderly, we support them"

The grant regards a program that will be directed to supporting elderly persons who are living on the streets of Piraeus neighborhood. These persons are unemployed and homeless and the Emfasis team, through its street workers, social workers, and legal consultants, will visit them on site in order to help them holistically according to their needs. Some examples of the kind of support that the Emfasis team will provide is the following: accompanying elderly homeless persons to hospitals and social welfare structures; assisting them with any pending legal issues they may have. The program’s goals are the psychological support of persons that live on the street and the provision of incentives for the continuation of the homeless persons’ lives. Ultimately the program seeks to help these persons off the streets. It is the first street work program that will be directed exclusively to elderly homeless people in Greece.

This grant is implemented through the Points of Support program: http://www.timafoundation.org/en/newsinfo/24-n-open-call