YEAR: 2016


Social Welfare



Margarita Vocational Training Center 

The Margarita Vocational Training Center was established in 1979 through the initiative of a mother of a child with Down syndrome. Margarita is a Day and Vocational Training Center for people with mild and moderate learning disabilities. It currently trains 100 persons and its graduates are employed in various capacities. Tuition is free and students are admitted to the Center following an assessment by a group of experts.

Counseling Program

The grant regards the creation of a counseling and support program for families that have a child with mental disability and attend the Margarita Center or reside in the greater community. The program will target elderly parents and their adult children. The main goals of the program are to inform and raise awareness on: a) health matters that affect families and their children such as the onset of dementia, thyroid disorders and others. People with Down syndrome have symptoms that appear earlier such as dementia (from 40 years of age); b) legal matters that may concern their children after their death, particularly on matters of inheritance; c) assisted living, which will be a realistic possibility for children when their parents can no longer support them. The ultimate purpose of the program is to improve the quality of life of those parents and children and to prepare them emotionally and psychologically for the separation that they will ultimately have to face. Grief management is also a key component of the program. It is estimated that about 400 persons will participate in the program.

This grant is implemented through the Points of Support program:

YEAR: 2016

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare