YEAR: 2016


Social Welfare



Charitable Sisterhood of Kavala-Poulidio Care Home

The Charitable Sisterhood of Kavala was founded in 1902 by a group of prominent women of Kavala with the aim to provide support to local residents in need. The Charitable Sisterhood of Kavala has a long history of social contribution to the local community in need including providing shelter to the wounded of the Balkan wars and to the refugees of Asia Minor. Today, the work of the Sisterhood is focused on the operation of the Poulidio Care Home. The Care Home was founded in 1973 with the aim to provide shelter and care to the elderly residents in need of Kavala. It is one of 4 nonprofit care homes in the prefecture of Kavala. With a capacity of 100 it is divided in a regular care home accommodating 44 elders and a Chronic Illness Therapy Clinic housing 56 patients.


The grant regards the provision of kitchen equipment. The old equipment was out of date and needed regular costly repair and maintenance. The new equipment is time and energy efficient allowing the care home to decrease its operating expenses while also allowing the personnel to function in a timelier manner. Expenses will further be decreased by avoiding the high repair and maintenance costs of the outdated equipment.

YEAR: 2016

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare