YEAR: 2016


Arts & Culture



Benaki Museum 

Τhe Benaki Museum was established in 1930 and has extensive collections that cover several different cultural fields. The Museum’s mission is to preserve collective memories and cultural heritage; its holdings include distinctive artefacts from every stage of Greek and world artistic production, dating from prehistoric times to the present day. The Museum’s collections include 47,388 artefacts; more than 160,000 books; more than 1,000 historical document archives; 217,515 photograph negatives and 16,499 original prints; as well as 32 Neohellenic Architecture archives. The Museum also offers approximately 250 educational programs a year that are attended by 2,000 adults and 20,000 children.

Guided Visit Program for Seniors

The grant regards the creation of a program for seniors to visit the Benaki Museum. 2,000 elderly members of the Open Protection Centers for the Elderly of several Municipalities of Western Attica will visit the Museum for free in the course of 12 months. Guided visits will be offered to the elders in groups of approximately 30 persons. Transportation to and from the Museum and refreshments will also be provided. As part of this grant, Museum staff will participate in an interactive, simulation training program in order to better serve the elderly visitors. This innovative training is based on international best practices and research studies, and will be implemented by gerontologists with related experience in this field.

YEAR: 2016

PROGRAM AREA:  Arts & Culture