YEAR: 2015


Social Welfare




Nestor Psychogeriatric Association 

The Nestor Psychogeriatric Association was founded in 2001 with the aim of providing services to senior citizens who suffer from dementia and psychiatric illnesses. Since 2002, the organization operates the only integrated Alzheimer’s center in Greece, that includes two Day Centers for persons with dementia and a clinic for short-term hospitalization of dementia patients. Additionally, Nestor operates two psychogeriatric care homes for elders with mental health issues, with 15 residents each. In cooperation with the social services of the Municipalities of Galatsi, Kifissia, Nea Filadelfeia and Vrilissia, the Nestor Psychogeriatric Association also operates memory clinics and provides psychiatric services. In addition, it operates a SOS line that offers free telephone advice to patient caregivers with dementia and directs the interested parties to specialized services in the community. More than 4,500 elderly persons are the yearly recipients of the various services that the Association provides and more than 250 patients with dementia are hospitalized in the short-term clinic each year.

Silver Spectators Program

The grant regards the creation of a cinema club for elders entitled “Silver Spectators”. Τhis cinema club has two free viewings per week during 2016: One of the weekly viewings is directed to elders with mild cognitive losses, while the second weekly viewing is directed to elders with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia who attend with their caregivers. The program is flexible and is tailored to the needs of the participants. It also encourages the active participation of the viewers. The goal is to promote active ageing by enhancing the participants’ memory and reducing neuropsychiatric symptoms, while at the same time providing a space where the elders can socialize and prevent social exclusion. On average, at least about 30 persons at a time attend each session, and the goal is for over 80% of the participants to be regular and repeat viewers.

This grant is implemented through the Points of Support program:

YEAR: 2015

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare