YEAR: 2015


Social Welfare



Welfare Charitable Association of Moschato Merimna

The Welfare Charitable Association of Moschato Merimna was founded in 1962 with the aim to provide nursing and care to elders in need. Currently, the care home can accommodate up to 32 senior citizens in rooms with one to two beds. Over the years it has received many excellence awards from various institutions including the Red Cross and the Academy of Athens.

Recreational Program

The grant regards the creation of a weekly recreational program with mental strengthening elements for the care home's elderly residents. The interactive program is led by two actors and consists of theater and music; the residents of the care home are encouraged to contribute to this process. The program is designed with cognitive strengthening components such as memory enhancement. It also allows elderly residents who participate in the program to express their needs and develop the program as it goes along according to their preferences and expectations. The goal of the program is that it seeks to increase the residents’ cognitive strength as well as to encourage their socialization skills with the other seniors and the actors by actively participating in the activities provided by the program.

This grant is implemented through the Points of Support program:

YEAR: 2015

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare