YEAR: 2013


Social Welfare




Municipality of Ilioupoli - Social Solidarity Center & Social Store

The Municipality of Ilioupoli offers an abundance of social welfare programs and services to its 170,000 residents. Approximately one quarter of these residents are senior recipients of the programs and services offered. Indigent elders benefit from the free of charge provision of medication, medical assistance, physiotherapy, food supplies, hygiene products as well as various recreational activities. The Municipality also operates a care home for up to 25 elders.

The Social Solidarity Center started its operation in March 2012, providing health related services and recreational programs to the senior residents of Ilioupoli in order to promote physical and psychological wellbeing. The Municipality’s goal is for the Center to be a space where all generations can come together. In December 2012, the Center received the “Towards Age-Friendly Environments” National Award for the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012. As of March 2013, the Center houses:

a. Open Care Center for Elderly: a space where elders come into contact with individuals of a similar age, obtain information and enjoy recreational activities. Approximately 300 elders visit it on a daily basis during the week.
b. “Access to the Digital World” Program: senior citizens are taught how to use a computer and how to navigate the internet.
c. Day Center for Alzheimer’s Patients & Memory Clinic: operates with the goal to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders in an accurate and timely manner. It also aims to provide mental strengthening to existing patients.
d. Skeletal Health Center: the Center’s purpose is the prevention and treatment of skeletal diseases for both young and elderly patients.
e. Health Services: a nurse, physiotherapist and social worker offer health related services.

The Social Store offers to the residents of Ilioupoli a vast variety of food supplies and hygiene products at a discount. There is consistency of available products for sale at the store at all times. The proceeds from purchases give the opportunity to households in need to receive, free of charge, a fixed number of food supplies and hygiene products per month. This innovative operational model promotes the store’s sustainability and is different than the traditional social stores currently operating across Greece.

Medical Assistance, Equipment & Food Packages

The grant regards the provision of medical assistance as well as the purchase of medical equipment for the Social Solidarity Center, as well as the provision of monthly food supplies and hygiene products for the Social Store. The food supplies and hygiene products will be directed to households that include elders living alone or with other family members.

YEAR: 2013

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare