Ladies Union of Drama

The Ladies Union of Drama was founded in 1904 with the aim to offer goods and services to residents of Drama in need. Currently, the Union offers a plethora of goods and services to vulnerable groups. In 2014 and 2015, the TIMA Charitable Foundation funded the “Caring for the Elderly” program for 2 consecutive years. This program provided monthly food supplies and hygiene products to 74 families in need in Drama. The recipient families were comprised of elders exclusively or with an elderly family member living under the same roof.

This grant had several elements that displayed peripheral impact, namely:

  1. The Ladies Union of Drama offered free complementary services to the beneficiaries of this grant such as education on medical issues; informational events on recycling, nutrition, and other matters; group music therapy, knitting lessons, choir, theater, cultural excursions and group meals.
  2. The Ladies Union of Drama cooperated with the nonprofit organization Mission Anthropos ( in order to provide medical equipment and medicine to the beneficiaries of the “Caring for the Elderly” program. In total, 179 prescriptions were filled and 622 pharmaceutical preparations were distributed to beneficiaries over the course of one year.
  3. Through a collaboration with the Center of Life-long Learning of the Municipality of Drama, the elderly beneficiaries of the program were able to attend educational courses focused on autonomous living skills and preventive medicine for the elderly.



Nosilia was founded in 2001 by doctors and nurses of the Pammakaristos public hospital with the aim to offer nursing at home for chronic illness patients with mobility difficulties as well as bedridden patients. In 2015, the TIMA Charitable Foundation awarded a grant to Nosilia for the support of the nursing at home program.

This grant had several elements that displayed peripheral impact such as:

  1. The organization underwent capacity-building training for NGOs which led to its strategy as an organization evolving into a more extroverted and active one in a variety of fields.
  2. It cultivated collaborations with other organizations in joint activities. For instance, it signed an agreement with another nonprofit organization in order to create an electronic platform for leftover medicine, in order to be given to NGOs that are seeking pharmaceuticals. Through this targeted approach, surplus medicine was identified and given to organizations in need.
  3. Nosilia developed its fund-raising strategy and was awarded grants from various donors. It is also currently cooperating with other nonprofit organizations in order to submit joint funding proposals.
  4. It rebranded its marketing & communication strategy and will gradually be revamping its website, logo, and banners. For the purposes of being able to participate in NGO-related opportunities on an international level it will be translating its articles of association into English.
  5. Nosilia developed its volunteer base and recruited volunteers for key positions at the organization.
  6. Lastly, Nosilia participated in and organized multiple educational seminars, conferences and related events.