The "Ageing and Health" Initiative is an initiative undertaken by the TIMA Charitable Foundation that focuses on reinforcing the elderly with regard to their overall health as well as addressing other age-related diseases. Presently, most people can expect to live into their seventies and beyond. Recent data indicates that Greece holds one of the highest ageing rates in Europe. Moreover, the percentage of the elderly population in Greece has increased significantly in the last decade, and is higher than the EU average. One in five Greeks is over 65 years old. People require more support with respect to their health as they age, and so this particular initiative concentrates on grants that reinforce the general health of the ageing population.

One repercussion of the gradual ageing of the population is the increasing rate of degenerative and chronic diseases. Examples of such diseases, among others, are: dementia, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and kidney disease. Therefore, this initiative is also directed to supporting such age-related illnesses.

A person’s extra years of life, and more specifically, one’s health, has a fundamental effect on one’s contribution to society. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), while it is often assumed that increasing longevity is complemented by a prolonged period of good health, this is unfortunately not the case. Hence, if effort is made in order to improve the general health of the older population, their quality of life will improve and their local community participation will become more active.