As a response to the need for increased support in the area of ageing and disabilities, the TIMA Charitable Foundation has carried out grants to non-profit organizations that have demonstrated tangible and effective results in the sector of ageing and disability. Older people experience disability in different ways; they may have a pre-existing disability or they may have acquired a disability as a result of the ageing process. The elderly that possess disabilities are more vulnerable than the general ageing population during the current economic crisis in Greece. Increased vulnerability has led older disabled people to rely heavily on others to provide effective and appropriate support.

Moreover, people ageing with disability may also be inadvertently excluded from particular services by restrictive program requirements due to the limited funding sources that may be available. In today’s current environment it is increasingly challenging to find either family or professionally trained caregivers for supporting older adults with disabilities. The TIMA Charitable Foundation has and continues to support this initiative through grants that provide resources that meet the diverse and complex needs of older disabled people.

This initiative aspires to address the development of strategies and tools in order to support the inclusion of elderly persons with disabilities. Depending on the disability type, elders’ needs and problems vary greatly and thus are not always similar. These issues have to be understood so as to properly train caregivers and aid older disabled adults to maximize their independence. By building a culture of inclusion, quality of care and quality of life can ultimately be improved.