The TIMA Charitable Foundation supports Greek nonprofit organizations dedicated to social improvement and places emphasis on ageing.

Since its establishment in 2011 and through its continued philanthropic commitment, TIMA (meaning "to honor" in Greek) aims to honor the memory of John M. Carras and his wife Athina Carras. 

The TIMA Charitable Foundation is a philanthropic organization which directs grants to Greek and Greek-related nonprofit organizations. The Foundation awards grants in the areas of social welfare, health care, education, arts and culture, and science. It funds nonprofit organizations that have demonstrated effective management skills and have achieved significant, long-lasting, and tangible results.

The TIMA Charitable Foundation establishes its philanthropic goals and subsequently develops strategies for achieving them. The Foundation seeks to identify potential grantees and other strategic partners interested in sharing the implementation of these goals. The grant-awarding process, from strategy development, through initiation of grants, to monitoring of progress and evaluation of results, involves effective cooperation and communication among the Foundation, its grantees, and other collaborating parties.

The Foundation does not award grants to individuals or corporations. It does not solicit or accept donations from individuals, corporations, or other organizations.

Since 2012 TIMA has made 131 grant commitments to nonprofit organizations mainly in Greece.  80% of these grants target one of the most vulnerable groups of Greek society affected by the economic crisis, namely the elderly population. 

The TIMA Charitable Foundation's fifth year of philanthropic activity has been marked by its effort to provide a more targeted and effective relief to the elderly by developing three initiatives, specifically: Ageing & Health, Care Homes Support, and Ageing & Disability (link: www.timafoundation.org/en/Initiatives ).

Moreover, through its 5 years of operation TIMA has consistently encouraged collaborations and synergies amongst its grantees and always looks to multiply the benefits of the grants that it makes. It is particularly significant when a grant has spillover effects that transfer positively to either the organization or its beneficiaries. TIMA remains committed to sharing know-how and best practices to deepen the impact of its grants.