YEAR: 2015-01-01


Health Care


Throughout Greece


Mission ANTHROPOS was founded in 2010. Its main scope is to offer free medical assistance to individuals in need around the globe, without any racial, political, religious or other discrimination. Its operation relies on work offered by volunteers, doctors, nurses and other personnel. Throughout its history, Mission ANTHROPOS has developed various programs, both in Greece and abroad. It has realized three medical - humanitarian missions in Ethiopia. In Greece, the "Emvoliazoume (=we vaccinate): children without insurance, not without protection" program, which has started in 2012, aims at the coverage of vaccinations for uninsured children, aged 2 months to 18 years. During the period between July 2012 - August 2015 a total of 3,588 children received 11,219 vaccines. In order to implement the specific program, Mission ANTHROPOS collaborates with 48 volunteer pediatricians, 8 volunteer nurses and 14 general duty volunteers. Due to constantly increasing demand for free medical care, Mission ANTHROPOS created in February 2013, a new program under the name "Stirizoume (=we support): Health Care Support for All". Under this new program, 248 requests have been satisfied, including medical examinations, medications, surgeries, medical/orthopedic supplies and births.

Program Support

The grant regards the expansion of the "Stirizoume: Health Care Support for All" program to include elders. The requests that will be satisfied will fall under three health related categories: medication, provision of health related services including medical treatment and medical tests, and health related equipment/supplies.

YEAR: 2015-01-01

PROGRAM AREA:  Health Care
LOCATION OF GRANT:  Throughout Greece