YEAR: 2017-11-14


Social Welfare



Diabetes Nonprofit Organization

Diabetes Nonprofit Organization was founded in 2014 with the aim to diagnose, prevent, inform and raise awareness regarding diabetes mellitus. Working towards this goal, Diabetes Nonprofit Organization organizes a series of actions and events, which include speeches by scientists and doctors in the diabetes sector, as well as prevention, informational and educational events. The main target groups of these actions are children and the elderly. Diabetes Nonprofit Organization also organizes informational campaigns and lectures for the general public. In Greece, there are 900,000 diagnosed patients and approximately 300,000 non-diagnosed cases. 60% of the patients are over the age of 65. Awareness-raising and early diagnosis have been proven to be the best prevention for the disease. In 2016, Diabetes Nonprofit Organization reached 820 seniors in 3 Municipalities through its specialized speeches and examinations.

Medical Examinations and Awareness-Raising

The grant regards diagnostic examinations in 25 Open Protections Centers for the Elderly (OPCEs) in Attica for 12 months as well as the organization of speeches by specialized doctors. Regarding the selection of Municipalities, priority will be placed on areas that present a high concentration of seniors in need. The beneficiaries for the 25 OPCEs are 1,250 seniors with diabetes. The majority of diabetes conditions can be treated if diagnosed early. Thus, the services offered by Diabetes Nonprofit Organization are of vital importance especially for seniors in need who cannot pay for related examinations.

YEAR: 2017-11-14

PROGRAM AREA:  Social Welfare